I was Invited to work with the Yogamatters team and renowned yoga photographer Karen Yeomans on a shoot for their new website at Perseverance Works in Shoreditch. Yogamatters are an online yoga suppliers with a boutique feel, a practical approach and a vibrant healthy community ethos. 2 days were spent with a group of amazing yoga teachers, in a stunning warehouse with my favourite photographer. Yoga all day. Bliss.

10 inspiring yoga teachers, the Yogamatters A-team and photographer Karen Yeomans turned this space into a beautiful, busy, but tranquil yoga studio. Some of us took it in turns to teach short classes and after a bit of Iyengar, some partner yoga, lots of laughter and delicious food, the yoga magic was flowing.

Karen Yeomans was behind the camera and steering the ship. She has the keenest eye, the most amazing sense of fun and adventure and she is bossy in the best possible way. She brings so much energy out of people by her constant inventiveness and brilliant humour. A talented yogi herself, she completely understands what it is to photograph yoga. It has to be real. It has to be authentic.

The huge proliferation of yoga photos everywhere is clear, yoga photography is a huge trend. But to fully get into a pose you have to be completely in the zone. And stay there. Sometimes for ages... (I've done shoots with Karen where she had to sticky tape my arms to the floor to help me stay in an arm balance!) As a yoga photographer Karen knows exactly how to allow you the space to get into that zone, to breathe into a posture and to explore the depths of it in an inspiring, encouraging way. She really pushes you! And she brings something incredible out of you that you had no idea was there.

Feast your eyes here:

And then after lunch Corrie Ananda arrived. That is her real name. Ananda...the sanskrit for 'Bliss'.  Corrie taught an Ashtanga class and we were her students. The space was calm and everyone of us so focused. I trained to teach Ashtanga so I am familiar with the basics...but Corrie's class was something else. She transported us straight to Mysore. I began to understand so much more about teaching throughout her class. The strong stable way she held the space. The way her words were like magic encouraging you to find something deeper within yourself. I immediately felt a strong connection and wanted to learn so much more from this beautiful source of wisdom, discipline and tradition.

She re-awakened my love for Ashtanga. And ignited a new spark for me on my teaching journey. I instantly felt I wanted her to be my teacher. Check out this super-cool lady here:

On the first page of her website she quotes ...

"I'm not a teacher, only a fellow traveller of whom you asked the way.  I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you..."                      

George Bernard Shaw

For me this completely encapsulates the way she teaches.

And the way she is.

It became so much more than a photoshoot. Friendships were forged, fun was had and networks were created. This is exactly what happens so easily with yoga. The way the practice so naturally encourages you to connect and to help one another. And to discover and learn constantly.

Have a little browse on their site if you need blocks or straps or beautiful bolsters...or yoga snow-globes.